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New World Orchestra - Chillout Christmas (2011)


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Antonio Carlos Jobim - Wave (1967)


Человек, в честь которого назван аэропорт в Рио-де-Жанейро. Создатель музыкального стиля босса-нова (Bossa Nova). Антонью Карлуш Бразилейру ди Алмейда Жобин - бразильский композитор, аранжировщик, певец, поэт, пианист и гитарист, сочетавший в своём творчестве элементы джаза и традиционной бразильской музыки; более известный под псевдонимом Том Жобим (Tom Jobim, Antonio Carlos Jobim). Жобим вырос на музыке Пишйнгинья (Pixinguinha), легендарного музыканта и композитора, который в 1930-е годы начал исполнять современную бразильскую музыку. На его творчество также повлияла музыка французского композитора-импрессиониста Клода Дебюсси и джазовая музыка.

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Исполнитель: Moonbeam
Название альбома: The Random
Дата релиза: 2013
Лейбл: Black Hole Recordings

Стиль: Downtempo, Progressive House, Tech House
Формат: mp3
Битрейт: 320kbps
Кол-во композиций: 22
Время звучания: 127 min
Размер: 291 mb


Disc 1 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

01. Only You (featuring Jacob A)
02. Madness (featuring Avis Vox)
03. Alive (with Matvey Emerson)
04. Flight (featuring Leusin)
05. Together (featuring Blackfeel Wite)
06. You Win Me (featuring Aelyn)
07. Echoes Dying Away
08. Tell Me (featuring Jacob A)
09. Dark to Light (feat Nathassia D & Pryce Oliver)
10. Little Monster (with Andrea Roma)
11. The Fatal Thread (with A*S*Y*S)
12. Sun Went Down (featuring ARCHNGL)

Disc 2 (Club Mixes)

01. Awakening
02. Alive (with Matvey Emerson) (Club Mix)
03. Flight (featuring Leusin) (Club Mix)
04. The Raven
05. Only You (featuring Jacob A) (Club Mix)
06. Little Monster (with Andrea Roma) (Club Mix)
07. Together (featuring Blackfeel Wite) (Club Mix)
08. Heavy Rain (with J-Soul)
09. The Fatal Thread (with A*S*Y*S) (Club Mix)
10. You Win Me (featuring Aelyn) (Club Mix)

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Jens Gad - Presents Le Spa Sonique (2006)


Welcome to Le Spa Sonique where you can treat yourself to luxurious relaxation anytime. Indulge your senses in these blissfully smooth grooves that are both relaxing and hip. Master of mood, renowned composer Jens Gad, who has worked for more than 10 years with multi-platinum group ENIGMA and visionary of ACHILLEA brings you this sublimely soothing set of sophisticated lounge music with a distinctly sensuous European flare. From his state-of-the-art studio in Ibiza Spain, Jens Gad has created an entrancing new sound where healing ambient textures combine with hypnotic modern rhythms. Let yourself escape fully into this magically serene music where you will experience your very own personal spa retreat. Here, in this exclusive spot, far from the demands of day-to-day life, you can ease your mind and let your spirit fly. Le Spa Sonique is chill-out music for the soul...music to live by - it's the ideal soundtrack for dining, yoga, intimate nights or just relaxing at home.

Jens Gad - Presents Le Spa Sonique.rar 81.91 Мб